Proverbs, Quips and other Philosophical Quotes from Deacon Tom Jewell


(most written under the pseudonym “Seymore Kleerly”)

©2016 Deacon Tom Jewell

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1:1 “Perseverance makes God happy….everything done to draw closer to Christ is met with success.”

1:2 “If only those without sin could preach against sin, the rest of us could happily just continue sinning.”

1:3 “A liberal mind is no guarantee against ignorance. Some people just don’t want to acknowledge the truth.”

1:4 “From your lips to God’s ear. That distance is shorter than many might believe.”

1:5 “I have encountered the Lord Jesus Christ…and he is AWESOME! Pass it on.”    

1:6 “If God wanted us to always do it today, he wouldn’t have created tomorrows.”

1:7 “Be the blessing no one was expecting today.”

1:8 “Scripture says, ‘Love never fails.”  I would humbly add, ‘until one stops working for it to succeed.”

1:9 “REASON without FAITH is just as useless as FAITH without REASON”

1:10 “TRUTH never needs an explanation but welcomes a strong defense and is rarely discovered alone.”

1:11 “In the smallest act of kindness, there is much grace.”

1:12 “Where you think you might be seeing a sinner….God just might be training up a saint.”

1:13 “TODAY is what God gives us to fix what we didn’t like about yesterday.”

1:14 “I’m on it like a blanket on a cold Eskimo.”

1:15 “How can anyone feel defeated who stands under the One who defeated defeat?”   

1:16 “Belief substantiated with evidence is called science and does not stand in opposition of tradition, authority, revelation and faith but serves to embellish each. When a child gets that then, and really only then, will they know something of true value.”

1:17 “Christians don’t live their lives in freedom based on what they want but in obedience to what God wills.”

1:18 “The wise have no need for pride.”

1:19 “Happiness does not just appear – it must be created.”

1:20 “When trying to see someone else’s point of view, first try not to be blinded by your own.”

1:21 “A friend is one who walks with you in the light; a good friend is one who carries on with you into the dark.”

1:22 “A truly rich life is not necessarily one full of good friends but one with just a few good friends who make your life full.”

1:23 “Guilt is not a punishment but a guide to seek forgiveness and a reminder that penance and reconciliation come with it.”

1:24 “God is not only the author of goodness but its very definition.”

1:25 “Holiness is a journey; not a destination.”

1:26 “When life sends you some sour notes, turn them into a song anyway.”

1:27 “The best thing about tomorrow is that God is already there.”

1:28 “They say ‘to err is human and to forgive is divine.” To forget however is just plain dumb.”

1:29   “When you throw the baby out with the bathwater all you have left is an empty tub.”

1:30 “The infinitesimal amount of time we spend on Earth is greatly overshadowed by the infinite amount of time we will spend with God in Heaven or away from him in Hell.  It’s like that. Plan accordingly.”

2:1 “Even though faith cannot be substantiated by evidence does not mean it is devoid of reason.”

2:2 “When I was a child I believed things because my parents said so. Ahhh, those were the days.”

2:3 “Sometimes wisdom, once unwanted, comes not through knowledge but reflection.”

2:4 “PIETY: An outward witness of an interior reverence.”

2:5 “Never take for granted the sacramental which is the present moment.”

2:6 “Within each Believer lies the hope of Eden – an eternal paradise returned to the realm of possibility thru the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.” [22 MAR 2014]

2:7 “Not one of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, but each one of us is promised an eternity. ‘Where’, seems to be the only uncertainty.” [3 APR 2014]

2:8 “The only thing stronger and more important than your belief in God is God’s belief in you.” [4 APR 2014]

2:9 “It’s perfectly OK to plan for the future; but never forget you have to live in this moment.” [5 APR 2014]

2:10 “The reality of God has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not we believe in God.”

2:11 “The only thing worse than being a terrible Christian yesterday is failing to try to be a better one today.”

2:12 “When you stare in the rear-view mirror the only thing that’s gonna happen is you are eventually going to wreck the journey that lies ahead of you.”

2:13 “Sometimes the cost of friendship, costs you the friendship.” [27 AUG 2014]

2:14 “There comes a time when it becomes impossible to ignore God’s relationship with us because of his unrelenting love for us.” [30 AUG 2014]

2:15 “The greatest delusion in life is to believe that God does not exist.” [9 OCT 2014]

2:15 “Some believe that God created Mondays to help us understand suffering through the weekly opportunity to practice it. Sometimes I’m inclined to agree.” [13 OCT 2014]

3:1 “The witness of the good changes the world.” [19 JAN 2015] in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

3:2 “It is only after you reach acceptance of who you are that you get empowered to really make the changes within yourself that you truly want.” [3 FEB 2015]

3:3 “The gifts God has given you aren’t for you, but for those around you.” [28 APR 2015]

3:4 “’I did it!’ is rarely, if ever, preceded by ‘I don’t think I can do this.’” [3 AUG 2015]

3:5 “A relationship is like a garden…you get out of it what you put into caring for it.”

3:6 “Grace is the action of God.” [4 SEP 2015]

3:7 “A mind turned towards God allows a heart that lives for God.” [4 SEP 2015]

3:8 “Through the glory of the Cross of Christ, in the very midst of carrying our cross lies the real and certain hope of the Resurrection.” [11 SEP 2015]

3:9 “It is never a sign of weakness to allow for help in carrying our cross and it is always a source of great blessing for the privilege of helping others carry theirs.” [11 SEP 2015]

3:10 “There can be no resurrection without Calvary; no empty tomb without a bloodied cross.” [11 SEP 2015]

3:11 “To turn from our cross is to turn from Christ; to deny ours is to minimize the importance of His.” [11 SEP 2015]

3:12 “As Christians, we display the Cross with the figure of Jesus still suffering on it not because we believe him to be still there but so as never to forget the price of his suffering pays for the cost of ours.” [11 SEP 2015]

3:13 “All is good because God is great.” [14 SEP 2015]

4:1 “God isn’t God just some of the time; God is God all the time or not at all.” [2 FEB 2016]

4:2 “When life sends you some sour notes, turn them into a song anyways.” [2 FEB 2016]

4:3 “Don’t get to the end of life with parts left over or missing pieces. Follow the instructions.” – regarding scripture [2 FEB 2016]

4:4 “Prayer – it’s less about doing it right that just doing it.” [2 FEB 2016]

4:5 “Guilt….is the fruit of a properly formed conscience.” [8 FEB 2016]

4:6 “During Lent, don’t be so focused on what you’re giving up that you don’t see what God is giving you.” [8 FEB 2016]

4:7 “With adversity comes two choices: rise over it or sink under it.” [9 FEB 2106]

4:8 “A snapshot does not a full picture make.” [11 FEB 2016]







Published by: deacontomjewell

Deacon Tom Jewell Before retiring in June 2016, Deacon Tom was a Campus Minister at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY since 1997 and was the Campus Minister responsible for Liturgy & Music and Catholic Faith Formation. In 2005, he became the founding Director of Oasis511 which served as the Student Center for Campus Ministry and home to the Student Peer Ministers, Friends-In-Faith. He was also the managing publisher of the CM Paper, the Cardinal Virtue and director of the the CM drama troupe, The Passion Players, the FIF Peer Ministry Program and the Bishop Matthew H. Clark Campus Ministry Internship. After his undergraduate work in chemistry, he spent 12 years in the OEM Industrial Finishes Industry as Director of both Production and Research & Development Laboratories. Since 1989, he has served in professional ministry in the Diocese of Rochester, and after completing his Master’s of Theology at St. Bernard’s Seminary, was ordained as a Permanent Deacon in 1998 and was also assigned at St. John Fisher College in that capacity as well. Dcn. Tom has been married to his wife, Kim, for 35 years and their daughter Kristina is a graduate in Music Therapy from Nazareth College.

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